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Giving to the Mark Wentworth Home

At its inception in 1911 the Mark Wentworth Home’s mission was sustained by the generosity of local philanthropists, whose donations of property, cash and goods made care and residence possible for many in the community who would not otherwise have been able afford it. As a non-profit organization our mission has remained the same as our founders had intended: to provide caring support while acting as responsible stewards of our resident’s contributions and our endowment.

Today, financial gifts to the Home and its Programs provide stability and opportunity for growth. You may support Mark Wentworth Programs in many ways. Whether your gift is large or small, designed for a specific purpose or unrestricted, outright or deferred, it will accelerate the organization’s growth as a premier person-centered provider of senior services on the Seacoast.

Here are a few of the ways in which your financial support could make the biggest impact:

MWH Gift Fund

Cash donations to the Gift Fund are unrestricted contributions made to the Home to offset regular, on-going expenses, including those related to the financial support of the Home’s residents or Adult Day Clients who can no longer afford to support themselves. Unrestricted gifts help maintain the high quality of services that MWH residents have come to expect, and give us the ability to respond quickly to emerging opportunities.

Employee Development Fund

The Mark Wentworth human resource practices include providing opportunity for advancement and further professional growth to all employees. To support a highly skilled staff in this way, we rely on donations to the Employee Development Fund to cover the costs of conferences, workshops, off-site training, computer aided training courses and supplies, and recognition of achievements.

Enrichment Fund

Gifts to the Enrichment Fund support the daily calendar of events, classes and entertainment which support the five areas of wellness around which Mark Wentworth philosophy of care is designed. Programs provide attention to physical fitness, social wellness, emotional health, intellectual wellness, and spiritual well-being.

Remembrance Gifts

Unspecified Memorial Gifts made to the Home will be applied where the need is greatest. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved-one while supporting the Mark Wentworth philosophies. You may also request that gifts be made on a loved one’s behalf toward a specific purpose. Please call the Community Development Office to learn about where the need is greatest at the time of your remembrance. Should you wish to include this information in an obituary, here is some sample wording:

Sample obituary language

1. In lieu of flowers please consider making a memorial gift in honor of [name] to Mark Wentworth Programs, 346 Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

2. In lieu of flowers please consider making a donation in memory of [name] to the Gift Fund at the Mark Wentworth Home, 346 Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Planned Giving and Bequests

You or a loved one may find that the easiest way to make a significant gift to the Mark Wentworth Home or Mark Wentworth Adult Day Program is through a bequest. Bequests can be pre-established through a will, life insurance, retirement plans or through a trust. Bequests offer flexibility in that you are able to retain the use of your assets during your lifetime, and you can make changes at any time to reflect your philanthropic and financial goals.

You can provide a sustainable future for the Mark Wentworth Home, or the Adult Day Program by creating a new will or revocable trust, adding a codicil to your present will, or designating the Mark Wentworth Gift Fund as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, insurance policy, donor advised fund, or private foundation.

To learn more about leaving a legacy through a bequest, or about planning a gift to Mark Wentworth, please contact 
Gretchen Poehlman, Community Development Director.

Sample general bequest language

I give, devise and bequeath to the Mark Wentworth Gift Fund, __________ dollars ($_________ ) for the general purposes of the Mark Wentworth Home.

Sample residuary bequest language

I give, devise and bequeath to the Mark Wentworth Home Gift Fund, __________ percent (______%) of my residuary estate for the benefit of the Mark Wentworth Home(or Mark Wentworth Adult Day Program).

If you wish to designate a specific use for a bequest, please contact the Community Development Office by phone at (603) 436-0169 or via e-mail at prior to finalizing your plans in order to discuss any designations you may be considering. This will help to avoid creating a bequest that may be vague in its intention or difficult for us to fulfill.