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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns The Mark Wentworth Home?

The Mark Wentworth Home is an independent nonprofit organization managed by a Board of Trustees made up of citizens from the community. The Home has been run in this way since 1911.

How is Assisted Living different from Independent Living?

Assisted Living offers a more supportive environment while still offering residents as much independence as they are capable of. Assisted Living residences hire staff who can offer assistance activities of daily living, as well graduated levels of nursing care and include those services as part of the cost of the residence. Independent living communities generally only provide meals and access to off-site emergency personnel.

How many rooms are there at the Mark Wentworth Home?

There are 50 suites at Wentworth Place, ranging in size from 315 square feet (studio) to 620 square feet (one-bedroom apartments). Additionally, Garden Place accommodates 19 residents in either companion rooms (for 2 people) or private rooms.

If I get sick or develop a health problem, do I have to move to a nursing home?

Not necessarily. The Mark Wentworth Home strives to help residents age in-place. This philosophy means that we will help to arrange the services you need so that you may remain in this community for as long as it is practical and our staff will oversee those services. We offer nursing services right in your apartment and a dementia care setting that is appropriate for residents who are no longer safe in an apartment.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to become a Mark Wentworth Home resident?

No. The Mark Wentworth Home is a rental community and residency is on a month-by-month basis. You do not have to purchase your residence nor do you have to sign a long-term lease. You will be asked to sign an admissions contract which outlines the month-to-month commitment.

How are the fees determined at The Mark Wentworth Home and can they be raised?

The Basic Fee includes three meals a day, routine maintenance of your unit, housekeeping and laundry service, utilities, basic cable TV and 24-hour staff oversight. Basic Fees are generally reviewed by the Trustees annually and may increase 4-7 % according to the rate of inflation. A 30-day written notice will be provided before any change is made in the fees.

What happens if I run out of money while living at the Mark Wentworth Home?

Your financial information is reviewed as part of an application to the Home. We do this to ensure that an approved applicant has the means to support themselves for at least three years. If a resident “spends-down” their assets while living here they most likely will qualify for the State of New Hampshire’s Choices for Independence(CFI) program(a subset of Medicaid). A resident who qualifies for CFI will be reviewed for admission to the Home’s Companion Program on a case-by-case basis by the Trustees.

May I bring my car?

Yes. We do our best to provide you with a reserved space and will help you to clear snow from your vehicle in the winter. However, you will likely find that your own car is not needed because of the breadth of transportation options available. You will be required to keep a copy of your current driver’s license on file with the Home.

Can I keep my physician?

You may keep your current doctor. However, if you are from out of state we will suggest some local physicians to you. All residents of Assisted Living are required to have a personal physician. We do recommend that you consider a Physician within Portsmouth so that you may take advantage of the transportation that we offer to those appointments.

My spouse and I don’t need the same services. How do you charge if only one of us needs help?

The Home’s Level of Care Service Plans are designed to meet individual needs. Each resident’s needs are assessed individually, and the appropriate Level of Care Service fee is assessed based on that persons care needs.

Do I bring my own furnishings?

You are encouraged to bring as many of your own belongings as possible. All of our apartments are rented unfurnished. All rooms in Garden Place offer the use of a bed, night stand, dresser and reclining chair but you may also bring those things from home if you choose.

Can I keep my own phone number?

Each Wentworth Place suite and Garden Place bedside is set up with an individual phone number specific to the Home. Our phone service is not able to accommodate “porting” of your current phone number, but you may be able to make arrangements with your current service to move your service here if you use digital phone service in conjunction with your cable.

Are pets allowed at the Mark Wentworth Home?

We do not allow dogs to live at the Home, but you may apply to have another type of pet stay with you. Approval of pets will be conducted on a case-by-case basis.